Fixed Income

Our investment philosophy employs a value driven strategy with active risk management.

Our team of experienced fixed income investment and research professionals uses a proprietary process to gain deep insight into issuer and industry dynamics. Portfolio managers and credit analysts collaborate closely on investment decision-making and portfolio construction, enabling the team to identify and implement their most promising investment ideas on behalf of various institutional investors.

We aim for both alpha generation as well as follow beta risk for sector allocations.

Mirae Asset Fixed Income Strategies

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US Corporate Bond

Our US Corporate Bond strategies aim to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns across various parts of the US investment grade corporate market. We believe that market prices exhibit greater volatility than asset values, which creates opportunities to identify sources of alpha. By conducting thorough proprietary fundamental research and utilizing our in-house quantitative models, we strive to exploit inefficiencies in the market and provide clients with excess returns to the benchmark while avoiding excessive risk.

US Securitized Product

Our securitized product strategies consist of an absolute return approach that seeks a high level of total return and relative value to outperform benchmark indexes. To achieve this, we invest in US mortgage backed securities (MBS), collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) and commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) across Agency and Non-Agency investment grade. Our investment process starts from top down macro analysis to decide interest rate risk exposure and sector allocation such as securitized product types and credit ratings. Our team executes daily bottom up approach for security selection based on relative value analysis and market liquidity. 

Global Dynamic Bond

Our strategy seeks to achieve moderate and stable long-term returns by investing in global bond markets through a calculated risk-taking approach that aligns with our level of conviction. We aim to materialize effective risk diversification by investing in various bond markets with consistently assessing the results of investments. Our team of specialists oversees each bond market's risks and opportunities while portfolio manager measures amount of active risks taken and rebuild portfolio with newly added information and conviction. Portfolio decision is based on factors specific to each bond market, as well as global macro dynamics such as monetary policies, overall supply and demand of money, geopolitical development and long-term secular trend analysis.

Emerging Market Debt

Our approach to the emerging market debt strategy is actively managed and encompasses investments in sovereign, quasi-sovereign, and corporate bond instruments. We aim to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns by combining top-down macro views with detailed bottom-up security selection analysis. We strongly believe that fundamental drivers play a crucial role in determining relative performance across the entire credit cycle. Therefore, our investment approach is rooted in rigorous fundamental research analysis, which serves as the core of our decision-making process. As an integral part of our active fixed income strategy, we prioritize managing downside risk. Additionally, we employ strategic and tactical strategies to generate excess returns compared to the benchmark, while remaining mindful of the overall risk profile.