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For over a decade, Mirae Asset has been a leader and a pioneer in ETFs

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(as of September 2023)

For over a decade, Mirae Asset has been a leader and a pioneer in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In that period, the ETF category has revolutionized investing in public markets by democratizing access with lower fees, greater transparency, and more flexibility.

With an unwavering commitment to put investors first, we have created a platform that offers simple yet innovative solutions. This includes Mirae Asset ETFs in India and Vietnam; TIGER ETF in Korea; Horizons ETFs in Canada; and Global X ETFs worldwide. Collectively, we offer over 500 funds with more than $80bn in assets under management, making us the 13th largest ETF provider globally.

Headquarter in New York, Global X is our largest ETF brand, overseeing more than $40bn in assets with products listed throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Founded in 2008, Global X ETFs is dedicated to empowering investors with unexplored and intelligent solutions.

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that look beyond ordinary

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    Harness disruption

    Changes in technology, demographics, and the physical environment are accelerating. Our family of Thematic Growth ETFs targets these and other disruptions reshaping the future.

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    Alternative income strategies

    With savings and bond yields still lagging despite an inflationary environment, traditional fixed income may no longer cut it. Our Income ETFs seek to meet this challenge by tilting toward alternative, higher-yielding strategies.

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    Tap into commodities

    Precious metals and rare earth minerals are vital to supporting next-gen technologies, infrastructure and energy alternatives. We offer a wide range of Commodity focused ETFs to meet this growing opportunity.

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    Expanding the map

    Innovation and opportunity aren’t confined by geography. For investors seeking to chart a different course, our International Access ETFs include varied exposure to China and solutions targeting other parts of Asia, Europe, Latam and beyond.