Real Estate


Mirae Asset Global Investments is one of the most active real estate investors globally and employs a disciplined and consistent approach to core investing across real estate asset classes.  Our global teams of local dedicated real estate professionals provide highly specialized skill sets delivering expertise across all functional aspects of an investment from sourcing to divestment.

Our Investment Approach

We strive to provide our clients with superior risk-adjusted returns and have maintained the same disciplined investment strategy since launching our first real estate fund in Korea in 2004. Today, the firm has made over 70 investments with a current portfolio of 50 investments valued at $13.9bn total asset value* across office, industrial, multifamily and hospitality.

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* as of June 2019


Select Portfolio Assets*

State Farn Regional HQ, Dallas.jpeg

State Farm Regional HQ Campus

  • Size: 2.3M SF, 21 stories
  • Office campus in Dallas comprised of 4 buildings fully occupied by State Farm, serving the company’s regional headquarters.
  • Long-term, NNN sale-leaseback provides investors predictable cash flows over near-term hold period.
1801 K St., Washington, DC.jpg

Federal Reserve HQ

  • Size: 600K SF, 12 stories
  • Trophy office building occupied by the anchor tenant in Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C’s Central Business District.
  • Long-term, NNN lease provides predictable, government-backed cash flows.
Amazon Industrial.jpg

Amazon Logistics

  • Size: 1.0M SF, 1 story
  • Build-to-suit Class-A industrial asset, fully occupied by Amazon, located south of Atlanta.
  • Long-term, NNN lease for a BTS facility provides investors stable cash flow from a high credit tenant.
Center 1 Building, Seoul.jpeg

Center 1 Building, Seoul

20 Old Bailey, London.jpeg

20 Old Bailey, London

Amazon HQ Phase VIII, Seattle.jpeg

Amazon HQ Phase VIII, Seattle

Mirae Asset Tower, Shanghai.png

Mirae Asset Tower, Shanghai

Taunusanlage 8, Frankfurt, Germany.jpeg

Taunusanlage 8, Frankfurt (Disposition)

50 Marcus Clarke, Australia.jpeg

50 Marcus Clarke Street, Australia

Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul.jpeg

Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.jpeg

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

Fairmont, San Francisco.jpeg

Fairmont, San Francisco

*Selected investments include those involving affiliated group companies.