Variable Insurance Trust

Mirae Asset Global Investments offers an emerging market strategy in a select variable insurance product.

Please note, this Fund is not offered directly to the public. For additional information, please contact a life insurance company directly.

Emerging Markets Great Consumer® VIT Fund

  • Focus on consumption trends in the emerging markets
  • Invest beyond the consumer staples and discretionary sectors
  • Bottom-up, high-conviction equity portfolios



Mirae VIT Fund Investors do not contact the Fund directly to purchase or redeem shares. Shares of the Fund are currently sold only to separate accounts of Participating Insurance Companies to fund benefits payable under the Policies. Shares are purchased or redeemed at the Fund’s next determined net asset value after orders are received from separate accounts in proper form on any business day. The Fund does not have initial and subsequent investment minimums. Please refer to the applicable policy prospectus for more information on purchasing and redeeming Fund shares.