China boasts 200 skyscrapers and will add 600 more by 2016.

Mirae Asset Discovery Funds offer new ways to unlock the potential of the emerging markets.

As emerging market experts, we offer mutual fund investors a set of investment solutions built on our firm's core principles. Utilizing an approach driven by fundamental research, our on-the-ground teams build portfolios that reflect their highest levels of conviction.

Sector Leader Funds

Sector Leader Funds invest in companies that we believe to be capable of maintaining or achieving a dominant position within their respective industries. more ...

Great Consumer Funds

Great Consumer Funds invest in companies that we believe will benefit from the secular change in consumption patterns taking place in the world's developing economies. more...

Bond Funds

Mirae Asset takes an active management approach for bond strategies, investing across a range of fixed income sectors, to seek optimized portfolios in all market environments. more...


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